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Living Pictures (Australia) Pty Ltd is an independent film and television production company. Established by producer/director David Flatman in 1982, it specialises in:

  • Large format IMAX® films for the world’s largest cinema screens
  • Prime time TV series and documentaries for Australian and international broadcasters
  • High quality biographical films for private clients
  • Education and training films for health professionals

Living Pictures’ large body of work has focused on:

  • Human innovation, expression and exploration
  • The natural environment
  • The emotional pressures and tensions associated with intimacy, violence, marriage and parenting

The giant-screen IMAX® films AUSTRALIA: Land Beyond Time, (produced by David and Sue Flatman, written and directed by David Flatman), and ANTARCTICA (a Heliograph Production, co-producer David Flatman, production-manager Sue Flatman), are screening in large format theatres internationally. These films have furthered Living Pictures’ commitment to “life-long learning” for both children and adults.

Living Pictures’ powerful films made for national television have been used by Australian tertiary institutions, police and human services departments. They are valuable training tools for social workers and others handling a range of family issues often involving people with a background of violence.

David and Sue Flatman produced some of the first Australian “lifestyle” programs in series for the ABC such as “The Home Show” and “Great Ideas”.

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